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Storage Tanks at Oil Rich Zones of South of Iran

  Storage Tanks at Oil Rich Zones of South of Iran

To retain and boost production out of the oil fields under its control and management, the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) has defined 28 work packages at oil-rich zones of South of Iran. In line with this objective, NIOC’s Deputy for Development and Engineering, acting on behalf of the Managing Director of NIOC, assigned and ceded the Management of Pre-Development of the said projects to Petropars Iran.

Considering that the initial contract for provision of project management services required for the “Project for Retention and Boosting of Production of Oil out of Oil-Rich Zones of South of Iran” has already been submitted to the Client on 26/06/1398, the complementary contract for provision of the said services required for the 10 remaining packages was concluded.

Project     Execution of Pre-Development Services Related to EPC/EPD Projects at Oil-Rich Zones of South of Iran
Owner  National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)
Client  Deputy for Development and Engineering of NIOC
Contractor     Petropars Iran (PPI)
Initial Contract     Completion Date: 25/06/1398
Complementary Contract     Completion Date: 25/06/1399

In general, the outline of the services which shall be rendered by Petropars Iran (PPI) at Pre-Development phase of EPC/EPD contracts will comprise as follows:

General Services Related to Projects Basket Management (Portfolio)

  • Preparation of reports and submission of back-up information and evidence to legal authorities to acquire the required permits and authorizations
  • Planning services and review of projects basket (Portfolio)
  • Setting the Contracting Strategy
  • Services required for development of methods as well as the organization for implementation of the projects
  • Production of a time-schedule for holding the tenders
  • Preparation and development of a financial program for each and every project separately upon collection of the related information and data concerning the details of sub-projects
  • Documentation and registration of the lessons learned from the project


Review and Examination of the Scope of Work, Technical Documents and Design of Projects

  • Review and re-examination of the scope of work prepared by the  operational companies (if requested by the Client)
  • Review and production of expert opinion in connection with the Basic Design documents
  • Review and production of expert opinion in connection with the new wells design documents (ERD), repair, completion and sewage from re-drilling


Production of a Framework and Confirmation of Integrity of Tender Documents

  • Production of a framework for tender documents
  • Verification of compatibility of the process of holding the tender with the framework produced
  • Exerting supervision over the process of holding the tender
  • Review and expressing of opinion in connection with technical and financial bids upon the request of the Client


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