Our Business

Our Business

In order to become an international Exploration & Production Company, Petropars intends to extend its activities in the oil and gas industry so that it can play its role in local and international markets. Petropars activities begin at the first stage as field studies and it continues with drilling appraisal and development wells, constructing of offshore and onshore facilities and finally commissioning and operation of facilities. Therefore, Petropars has extended its capability in different fields such as financing, exploration, engineering, procurement, construction, drilling, operation&maintanence and management in cooperation with different contractors, vendors and service providers.

Our Business
Subsurface and Gelogy & Geophysics
Petropars Company is one of the few Iranian companies active in the upstream section and undertakes upstream studies including geology, geophysics and reservoir engineering studies. Petropars is well aware that petroleum engineering as the first step in reservoir development, positively influences the risk reduction of the projects and plays an effective role in the projects’ success.
Drilling Operation
Activities related to drilling management are one of the most important competitive advantages of Petropars compared to other competitors in the country which are undertaken by POSCO
Onshore Facilities
Construction of onshore facilities in mega projects (upstream, midstream and downstream) including engineering, procurement, construction, installation and project management, is considered as a key business of Petropars Iran a subsidiary of PPL.
Petropars is the only Iranian company which has been capable of taking responsibility of financing mega projects inside the country. Therefore, by financing projects from financial markets or its sole stakeholder (NICO), Petropars has the opportunity to fully engage in different projects in all aspects.
Offshore Facilities
Offshore projects management in EPCI projects and also operation of the facility are existing Petropars capabilities. Also, considering domination on other sections of the value chain, Petropars is able to manage interfaces with other sections effectively.
Operation and Maintenance
Commissioning, startup and maintenance of onshore and offshore facilities are among Petropars capabilities which are being done by POMC and in fact it is the complimentary section of Petropars value chain in Oil & Gas Projects.

Established in 1998, Petropars Ltd. (PPL) was founded in order to contribute towards the development of Iran’s vast energy resources PPL specializes as a developer of exploration exploitation and production in upstream projects... Read more

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