Kish Completion Technology (KCT) has been established in Kish Island in 2013. Establishment of KCT was aimed to localize the technology of downhole completion tools and accessories applying high international standards and quality management.


  • Managing Director: J. Rajabi
  • Board Member: F. Beyzavi
  • Board Member: H. Azam


Manufacturing, Engineering, Q-HSE, Planning, Commercial and Marketing, Finance and Administration, Services


To achieve superior growth and returns for our shareholders by delivering technology and services that improve efficiency, increase recovery, and maximize production for our customers.


To deliver a customer experience second to none, as globally competitive, creative, and ethical thought-leaders.


  • Integrity: Ethics and integrity are the foundation of our brand and the guiding principles for all we do.
  • Safety: Priority number one. We are focused on our own personal safety as well as the safety of others.
  • Collaboration: We work together with customers and understand that everyone has a role in providing the best solution.
  • Competition: We compete to win. We know that competition makes everyone stronger
  • Creativity: We are resourceful. We are innovative and strive to apply the right technology and solution every time.
  • Reliability: We deliver what we promise. We believe the quality of our service defines who we are.
  • Respect: We are honest with ourselves and each other. We value our diverse skills and talents, and know we are stronger together as one family.
  • Having comprehensive knowledge of completion equipment
  • Full understanding of oil and gas standard such as API. Also reputable personnel with comprehensive knowledge/experiences of completion and downhole equipment, present the best services to the clients.
  • Having different international partners.
  • Having high precision machineries and workshop. KCT has world class facilities such as CNC lathes and milling machines
  • Having deep knowledge in different material ( metallic and elastomeric) with reputable resources.
  • Our Commitment
  • OUR Services


At KCT we are particularly concerned with issues such as health, safety and environment and quality (HSEQ) throughout all our activities. “Safety first” and “no harm to people no damage to equipment” are more than just company slogans for KCT, they represent what we believe in. We are very proud that the HSEQ culture in KCT has matured and is currently applied.

In order to further improve and proceed with HSEQ objectives, KCT Has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) and in conformity with ISO 9001: 2015 standards. KCT stays informed and up-to-date on regulation changes, standards and procedures by communicating closely with legislation and standardization bodies.



KCT has wide range of equipment for QC and any measurements need to ensure the quality of the products. all the measurement tools are calibrated and keep in standards situation.

Health & Safety


Top priority of KCT is the safety issues especially for all employees and visitors as well as the safe operation.

Available Equipment
  • PPE (safety shoes, glasses, gloves, ear protectors)
  • Safety Signs
  • Fire Detector
  • Fire Fighting Devices
  • First Aid Kits
  • Muster Point


KCT understand the “Corporate Social Responsibility” and try to do its role for the society. In this way KCT has present these items to comply its responsibility:

  • Small workshop for Kish Schools and beginners to familiar them with industrial activities
  • University corporation with Tehran and Sharif universities (Kish branches) to help students performing their projects
  • Environmental activities to keep and save Kish touristic islands.


KCT try to save environment as much as the possible and performed some of the related activities:

Water Consumption

Reducing water consumption of plants and trees around the workshop by applying “pressurized irrigation system”. also no fertilizers use for plants and simple natural fertilization system performed for them.

Wastewater Recycling

Recycling the condense water from air conditioning system and directing it to a recycling well to boost underwater system.

Iron Removers

KCT is releasing its iron removers by having contract with approved company and becoming sure not to disposal them in to the Kish beautiful island.

Design & Engineering

KCT has professional design and engineering team and has track records design for its products. all of designs perform according to the international standards for oil & Gas industries such as API or ISO. Also, KCT is trying to present itself as frontier company for high-tech product with complicated design and material. In this regard, KCT was successfully delivered such critical products to its clients with super alloy metal and proper for HP/HT wells.

KCT Engineering department will present such services:

  • Product design ( Conceptual design, 3D models, Drawing)
  • Finite Element Studies
  • Material Selection Studies
  • Spring Design
  • Special thread design and studies
Design & Engineering

Testing Services

Different Services will present to the clients with certified equipment and safe conditions

  • Hydro-test up to 10000 psi
  • Function test of Liner Hangers
  • Pressure monitoring system (Digital)
  • SSSV function and body test
  • function test of latch mechanisms by applying up to 200000 Lbs

Running Services

Running services available on all of the products with the most professional team.


Production packers can be classified into two groups:

  • Retrievable
  • Permanent
Permanent packers

Permanent packers can be removed from the wellbore only by milling. The retrievable packer may or may not be resettable, but removal from the wellbore normally does not require milling. Retrieval is usually accomplished by some form of tubing manipulation. This may necessitate rotation or require pulling tension on the tubing string. The permanent packer is fairly simple and generally offers higher performance in both temperature and pressure ratings than does the retrievable packer. In most instances, it has a smaller outside diameter (OD), offering greater running clearance inside the casing string than do retrievable packers. The smaller OD and the compact design of the permanent packer help the tool negotiate through tight spots and deviations in the wellbore. The permanent packer also offers the largest inside diameter (ID) to make it compatible with larger-diameter tubing strings and monobore completions.

Retrievable packers

The retrievable packer can be very basic for low pressure/low temperature (LP/LT) applications or very complex in high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) applications. Because of this design complexity in high-end tools, a retrievable packer offering performance levels similar to those of a permanent packer will invariably cost more. However, the ease of removing the packer from the wellbore as well as features, such as resettability and being able to reuse the packer often, may outweigh the added cost.


KCT and WOC have jointly starting manufacturing the TRSCSSSV and managed to pass relevant standard ( API 14 A). This SSSV is slim type (8.375″) and successfully set at the wells.


Tubing Subsurface Safety Valve Series Subsurface Safety Valve is a tubing retrievable safety valve. A control line is connected with the safety valve and to the surface. Pressures pass through the control line and act on the piston of safety valve. The open or close of the safety valve is controlled by the pressure on the ground. This series valves include balance and unbalance.

Liner hanger equipments:
  • LDC
  • Float Shoe / Float Collar
  • Pump Down Plug
  • Wiper Plug
  • Cement Manifold
Liner Hanger

KCT Offers different liner hangers:

  • Integrated Liner Hanger Packer
  • Hyd.Set Liner Hanger

Rental Tools Services

KCT with its partners has reputable experiences of clean-out jobs on different rigs. continuous maintenance, providing redress kits, premedical inspection and proper warehousing are sample of our activities to present the best services to the clients.

Available Tools and Services:

  • Well Cleaning
  • Tubular Rental
  • Junk Trappers
  • Casing Scrapers
  • Casing Brushes
  • Magnets
  • Pup Joints & X-Overs

Recover What You Lost

KCT and its partners has developed abilities in Fishing Services (T-Tubing) and now, we are available to catch and recover from debris to pipe with the most reputable specialists having international experiences.


Training Highlight

Most employees wouldn’t take an under-skilled specialists, yet many are reluctant to invest in ongoing training for their skilled workers. A training program allow you to strength those skills that each employee needs to improve. A development program brings all employees to a higher level, so they all have similar skills and knowledge. with such targets, KCT presents practical training courses for those clients who believe in long term progress. KCT will provide attendees to practically approach to the working mechanism, components, material and function of each tool during such courses.

Available Courses:
  • Down Hole Safety Valve Training Course
  • Wellhead Training Course
  • Downhole Completion Training Course (Monobore System)
Training Facilities

KCT’s courses are mix of theory and practice, therefore course will be held on KCT workshop (machineries, test room, assembling) along with a standard training material, high speed internet, break time, transportation, lunch and etc.

Free for You
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  • Kish Island: No.82- Sanat 6th- Derakht e sabz area- Kish Island- Iran
  • Tehran: No.33- Farhang Blvd- Saadatabad- Tehran- Iran


  • Kish: +98 76 4447 3650
  • Tehran: +98 21 2944 5057


  • Kish: +98 76 4447 3648
  • Tehran: +98 21 22 37 24 04

Cantact Persons

Fariborz Beyzavi – Mob: +98 9123347974 – Email: Beyzavi@kctp.ir – Beyzavi.fa@ppars.com

Cantact Persons

Jalal Rajabi – Mob: +98 9126450753 – Email: Rajabi@kctp.ir – Rajabi@ppars.com

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