Petropars Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Valuable experiences and efforts of Petropars in planning and implementation of activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which are recorded in Petropars performance toward sustainable development and on different aspects such as the environment, workplace, market, industry, and society, led its HSEQ management to be recommended in 2014 as the representative and member of the CSR Leadership committee of oil industry (headed by the adviser to the Minister of Petroleum in the social sphere) and while concurred with the mega policies of the Ministry of Petroleum in the field of social responsibility, have the honor to accompany oil, gas and petrochemical intellectuals in this regard.In order to communicate with internal and external institutions and entities and to integrate the practical measures in this field, Petropars established the Committee of Social Responsibility (CSR) within the organization. The mission of the committee is to balance the expectations of all organizational stakeholders through policy making and integration of programmed voluntary social actions, environmental and economic programs, in line with politics, culture and the core values of Petropars in a way that by transparency and accountability to society will promote brand, organizational image, and sustainable development of Petropars group.

We believe that excellence in the field of business is mixed with voluntary commitment to preserve and protect the valuable human and environmental resources and assets, which are irrefutable necessities for business success, corporate responsibility and fortunate contribution in sustainable development. Social responsibility approach in Petropars is considered as a tool for strategic management and effective management of risks and opportunities. Petropars has been committed to preserve the social and environmental sustainability. It also has set as one of the most important goals of organizational excellence and as the case of its social accountability to leave pure land for posterity and for achieving this aspiration has taken appropriate measures according to the laws, regulations and relevant national and international standards. It has followed the HSE legal requirements and, wherever it is possible, acted beyond these requirements and will be responsive to the concerns of interest groups.We believe that industrial and economic developments have to be accompanied with conservation of living species and no contamination of ecosystems, as well as preventing adverse impact to social environments. Therefore, we have been seeking to provide necessary infrastructures to adopt control management plans and monitoring of these factors by doing a comprehensive studies on Environmental, Social, and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) in the susceptible area of onshore and offshore facilities, and by identifying and reducing these effects.

Some of the subjects which have been implemented or are currently being implemented in Petropars are issues such as empowerment, health and safety of employees at work, honesty and transparency, green human resources, rising occupational occasions and fighting against unemployment, environmental stewardship, energy management & savings, social activities and charity.Brief examples of approaches and activities in line with Petropars social and corporate responsibilities are as follows:

  • Spreading and promoting the culture of environmental protection Monitoring the limit for releasing toxic gases
  • Observing the limit for releasing toxic gases
  • Trying to reduce any intentional or unintentional environmental pollution
  • Supporting and creating green space around facilities
  • Evaluating periodical actions related to the environment preservation
  • Evaluating the long term effects of activities on the environment
  • Evaluating the long term effects of activities on the environment Providing basic and applied training in the management of oil and gas projects in universities and deprived educational centers (in deprived areas)
  • Setting up Petropars educational and cultural centers in Assaluyeh and Kangan and running cultural and recreational programs in partnership with local communities
  • Rebuilding and equipping some identified schools and welfare institutions in Tehran, Assaluyeh and Kangan
  • Running specialized training courses in Industrial piping, welding and safety officer for indigenous people in Kangan
  • Sending funding and needed equipment to hospitals and public schools or earthquake affected areas
  • Running competitions and recreational, cultural, and sports tours mostly for local employees of contractors

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