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Dehdasht Petrochemicals Plant Construction Project

  Dehdasht Petrochemicals Plant Construction Project

Upon conclusion of the contract for the construction of Dehdasht Petrochemicals Plant, after many years of activities and operations in upstream and midstream sections, for the first time ever Petropars stepped into the downstream and petrochemicals in order to take another step to expand the chain value and business.

Dehdasht Petrochemicals Plant is a heavy polyethylene production plant which is located in the route of West Ethylene Pipeline, the so-called Dena Line of Petrochemicals. Dena Line of Petrochemicals consists of Gachsaran Olefin Plant and four polyethylene production (HDPE) plants, named Dehdasht, Mamasani, Kazeroon and Broojen Petrochemicals Plant.

Upon its commissioning, Dehdasht Petrochemicals Plant will join the upstream section of Bidboland, Gachsaran and downstream of Gachsaran to supply the local markets demands and to feed the downstream industries. Further, considering the annual production of about 300,000 tons of heavy polyethylene (HDPI), under the license and standards set by Germany’s Basel Company, Dehdasht Petrochemicals Plant will export its products to international markets as well.    

Dehdasht Petrochemicals Plant construction was inaugurated in Farvardin 1386 (early April 2008) in the west part of Kohkylooyeh & Buyerahmad Province, 80 km from Gachsaran, in the vicinity of Dehdasht at Kalachoo Desert, in an area measuring 102 hectares. However, the project was interrupted for some unknown reasons and now that the contract for its development was concluded, hopes are increasing that this project will be completed and commissioned soon.


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