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Venezuela’s Dobokoubi Heavy Crude Oil Block Development Project

  Venezuela’s Dobokoubi Heavy Crude Oil Block Development Project

Dobokoubi heavy crude oil block which is located in the Eastern region of Venezuela in Anzoategui Province in East-South of El Tigre city in the Northern section of Orinoco Oil Belt, measures 353 Km2 in area. This Block holds heavy crude oil of API 12 which may be produced only upon adding of diluters. This Block is expected to produce approximately 344 billion barrels of oil.

Petropars has made a Participation Agreement with Venezuela’s National Oil Company (PDVSA), in conformity with which studies will be performed by Petropars on this Block in order to increase the heavy oil (API) production from Dobokoubi Heavy Crude Oil Block from 11,000 barrels per day (b/d) to a maximum of 38,000 (b/d) upon drilling of 224 wells and initial separation of water from oil in the onshore facilities. Subsequently, diluters will be added so as to transfer the gas to a location as specified by Venezuela’s National Oil Company (PDVSA). After completion of Petropars studies on this field, Venezuela Oil Proved reserved has been increased which has been approved by International Agencies.


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