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Construction  and commissioning of South  Azadegan oilfield’s CTEP(Central Treatment Export Plant)

  Construction and commissioning of South Azadegan oilfield’s CTEP(Central Treatment Export Plant)

After handing over the management of the Azadegan South (MC) development project to Petropars, a contract for Construction and commissioning of South Azadegan oilfield’s CTEP was also signed between the Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) and Petropars group in the form of an EPCC contract.

The CTEP is responsible for separating gas, water, salt and other raw materials from crude oil and its proceeds will play a very important role in the development of the South Azadegan joint oilfield and increase its harvest. The projected capacity of this unit is 320,000 barrels per day and the financial ceiling is considered It costs 280 million euros to implement which includes engineering services procurement and equipment, construction work, installation and commissioning and other services.

The Azadegan South Square is located near the Iraqi border and about 80 km west of Ahvaz.

In order to implement the Central Processing Unit (CTEP) project in the first phase of the development of the Azadegan South oil field, oil and gas are collected from wells by ten central collection units (Manifold) and gas-oil separation units (GOSP) north and south. The central processing unit is transferred.

In Central Treatment Export Plant, water, salt and sediments are separated from crude oil, its vapor pressure (RVP) and sulfur level (H2S) are adjusted to access the export oil specifications, and then the crude oil produced is transferred to the West Karun booster pump house. Becomes. The extracted gas is also compressed and after dehumidification is transferred to the liquefied gas plant 3200 (NGL 3200). The water obtained from these processes is also injected into water disposal wells (Disposal wells), the capacity of this refinery is 320,000 barrels of oil. And 197 million cubic feet of gas per day.

The main estimated volumes of the project include (38,000 cubic meters of concreting, 12,000 tons of steel structures, 6,000 tons of equipment installation, 650,000 inches of piping diameter, 13,000 square meters of building area and about 800 km of electrical cabling and instrumentation).


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