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Forouzan Oil Field Development Project

  Forouzan Oil Field Development Project

Forouzan Oil Field is located 100 kilometers South-East of Khark Island at the Persian Gulf region and joint Marjan Oil Field of Saudi Arabia.

The Project for the maintenance and revamping of production capacity of the joint Forouzan Oil Field was ceded by the Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) as the Client, within the scheme of EPC-EPD, to a Consortium comprising Petropars and ISOICO, with Petropars being the Leader of the Consortium.

The subterranean section of this Project include 12 new wells, 11 wells to be repaired, and 3 Re-Entry Wells, while the surface section of the Project consists of 3 sea pipelines measuring 27 km, plus fabrication and erection of two new platforms and cabling of four fiber optics.

This Contract whose value amounts about Euro 290 million can diversify the scope of activities and operations and will expand the chain value of Petropars Group, an outcome of which will be that it will set the ground for the growth and expansion of domestic technical capability of Iranian contractors.


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