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South Azadegan Oil Field Development

  South Azadegan Oil Field Development

South Azadegan Oil Field is Located 80 kilometers west of Ahvaz, near the Iraqi border. The Field oil-in-place reserves is about 25.34 billion barrels and it is estimated to recover about 1.7 billion barrels.

South Azadegan Oil Field Development is carried out in two phases. It is targeted to produce 320,000 and 280,000 bbl/d of oil at the end of each phase, respectively.

After successful completion of the mega projects for development of different Phases and relying on the successful experiences in management of contractors, Managing South Azadegan Oil Field development as MC contract was assigned to Petropars by the Petroleum Engineering and Development Company on November 2018.

This project consists of Program and Project Management Services including reviewing and redefining work packages and activities, program and project planning and control and management of contractors, down to the last details.


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