Pkogi Projects

  • Completed Projects
  • Ongoing Projects
  • Preparation of FARZAD A Project MDP
  • Structural Engineering Consultancy for SALMAN 2SKC-03 Platform
  • SALMAN Reservoir Engineering Services
  • Engineering Services of MEG Line between Phase19 Reclaimer and Phase12
  • Verification of Delta BOQs prepared by Phase19 Construction Subcontractors
  • Engineering Services of HOT LPG Line between Phase19 and Export Facilities
  • Feasibility Study for Injection of C5+ of Kangan Ethane Recovery Complex to SP12 to KPRC
  • Performing Drilling Study Services for SP12 project
  • Conceptual Engineering Services for Phase 12 Flare Gas Recovery with cooperation with Worley Parsons
  • Holding Training Courses in Kish Island
  • Review And Finalization Of Phase 19 DCS/ESD/F&G Vendor Deliverables
  • Field Engineering Services For Phase 19
  • Supervision on Engineering and Construction of Petropars Iran 15 floors building (VALFAJR)
  • Engineering Services for supply and replacement of SP4,5 and SP12 Offshore WHP's Diesel Generators
  • Engineering services to Petropars Company for Toos project
  • Engineering services to AZADEGAN project
  • Engineering services to Petropars Company for Dehloran project
  • Engineering services in Keeping & Increasing Oil production project (NISOC)
  • Engineering services for execution of Ethane Metering System inside SP19 Onshore Plant battery limit
  • Conceptual/ feasibility studies and Basic Design to rectify cooling system issues in processing units of Ilam Gas Refinery
  • Document Management and Control services to all Petropars Group affiliates
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