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The need to accelerate the implementation of the ground-level activities of Forozan Field

  The need to accelerate the implementation of the ground-level activities of Forozan Field

In line with pursuing and accelerating the progress in projects, focusing on joint fields, the CEO of Petropars emphasized accelerating the implementation of relevant activities by considering all aspects when observing the construction process of the ground-level part of the Forozan joint oil field project.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs report of Petropars Group, Dr. Alikhani during the visit of the yard of Persian Gulf Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Complex Company (Izvaiko / Mobin Saze Gostar) in Bandar Abbas on Esfand 11, 1401, while appreciating the efforts made, by examining the existing issues and challenges he stated that the most important factor in speeding up the implementation of the work is removing the obstacles by establishing more interaction among the people involved in this project.
On his trip accompanied by the senior managers of Izayco Company and the members of the Forozan Project Consortium, he inspected part of the marine structure goods that were transferred to the site for the implementation of the work and issued needed orders and guidelines for creating new work fronts in the construction of the substructure (Jacket), the project deck, and their implementation as quickly as possible.
The CEO of Petropars Group also pointed to the importance of human resources in the progress of projects, and asked managers to seriously pay employees’ salaries and arrears, especially on the eve of Nowruz in addition to focusing on technical issues due to the human aspects of the work.
It should be noted that the largest volume of the work description of the ground-level section in this phase of the project includes the jacket construction and also the implementation of the gas system in the existing platforms.


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