CEO Message

ceo message

PPL CEO’s Message

Petropars is an engineering and knowledge-based company which was set up in 1376 (1998) simultaneous with commencement of the activities intended for development of South Pars Gas Field to acquire the knowledge required for the management and execution of the operations ranging from exploration to commissioning and production.

The result of the confidence of the Petroleum Ministry in PPL’s competence and its capability and in its timely and economic execution and implementation of the commitments and undertakings was that the development of Phase 1, Phases 4-5, Phases 6, 7 and 8, Phase 12 and Phase 19, in other words development of more than one half of South Pars Gas Field, was ceded and assigned to Petropars. In the course of the years since its inception and establishment, Petropars managed to implement well over USD 23 billion-worth of mega national projects. Based on its history, the seasoned authorities in oil and gas field deeply hold and maintain that Petropars is the best and most reliable Exploration and Production (E & P) company in Iran. Some of the exclusive features of Petropars include:

  • Taking advantage of seven companies affiliated to Petropars, which are highly experienced in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sector;
  • Having employed over 3,400 specialized workforce who have gained experience, mastery and competence in challenging projects and programs;
  • Having at its disposal an extensive network of national and international clients, partners, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers;
  • Comprehensive and full familiarity with international activities and gaining experience in exploration of Angola’s North Cabinda Oil Field, as well as development of Venezuela’s Dobokoubi Heavy Oil Block;
  • Having the capability to finance the execution of the projects and programs;
  • Having the brilliant history of completing all projects and programs

undertaken with the highest quality possible in a cost-effective and time-effective manner.
Petropars Group, relying on its brilliant history and its specialized and high-powered human capital who are expert at Upstream, Midstream and Downstream section, and Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry is presently unrivaled and pioneer in Iran’s oil and gas industry leaning on its accumulative knowledge, experience and self-confidence, and as a result is fully prepared to compete with its international rivals for the implementation of national and international projects. Further, Petropars is prepared to expand oil and gas chain value and to diversify its business and to promote its stance and move to excellence.
We at Petropars are fully committed to observe professional codes of business ethics, accountability, value-generation, innovation and development of initiatives, acquisition and utilization of the state-of-the-art and updated knowledge, being pay attention to stakeholders and extending respect to the bio-environment with power and dignity in order to contribute to the progress and development of Petropars.

Established in 1998, Petropars Ltd. (PPL) was founded in order to contribute towards the development of Iran’s vast energy resources PPL specializes as a developer of exploration exploitation and production in upstream projects... Read more

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