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In the name of God

As the economy's primary source of productive capacity, the country's oil and gas industry has several shortcomings and strengths, which have grown many times more significant in recent years as the country's demand for oil and gas products has increased. According to the country's upstream oil papers, this business has long-term, national, and intergenerational objectives and goals. The Supreme Leader's most significant policy announcement in the oil and gas industry over the previous two decades has concentrated on completing the value chain and minimizing reliance on crude sales. To the degree that, in addition to mentioning it multiple times in the resistance economy's general policies and vision statement, they have constantly addressed it in the system's meetings.

The escalation of international sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, particularly over the last decade, has demonstrated clearly and unambiguously that the only way to circumvent severe international sanctions on the oil industry and even the country's economy is to implement general resistance economy policies. Consequently, prospective groupings must use the country's internal strength to advance toward the adoption of resistance economic policies.

Petropars is a leading company and knowledge-based corporation that began in 1997, concurrently with the South Pars joint field's development to absorb managerial expertise and conduct exploratory activities through to production. Petropars has evolved into the greatest and most trustworthy E&P company in Iran throughout its prosperous years, completing over $ 25 billion in significant national projects. Some of its distinguishing attributes include the following:

  • Having seven strong subsidiaries with upstream and downstream experience
  • Possessing specialized, experienced, and qualified human capital can assist in the execution of complex tasks
  • Having a track record of international activity and expertise in oil field exploration abroad
  • Have an enviable history of successfully executing projects on schedule and budget
  • Capability to discover and communicate the perspectives of all stakeholders, as well as to assess and quantify their satisfaction

Only with God's help, the support of over a quarter-century of expertise and engagement in the oil and gas industry, and the combined efforts of the big Petropars family's colleagues has this magnificent path been feasible.
However, to continue on this road, we must recognize that in today's fast-paced world, organizations that prioritize innovation and include flexibility and an appropriate reaction to external and internal changes in their business strategy will stay competitive.

Petropars Group views "customer satisfaction" and "compliance with technical and engineering standards" as a customer right and a prerequisite for professional work. Therefore, it has made compliance with these concerns a major priority, and it aims to adhere to HSE and passive defensive principles to achieve long-term development.

I hope that this winding journey, fraught with difficulties and hurdles, will achieve its destination as quickly and optimally as possible and with the help, endurance, faith in God, and the rising efforts of all my colleagues in the big Petropars family.

Seyed Shamsuddin Mousavi

CEO of Petropars Group

Established in 1998, Petropars Ltd. (PPL) was founded in order to contribute towards the development of Iran’s vast energy resources PPL specializes as a developer of exploration exploitation and production in upstream projects... Read more

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