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The second well of Foroozan joint oilfield reached oil

  The second well of Foroozan joint oilfield reached oil

The Managing Director of Petropars Group announced the completion of the drilling of the second well of the Foroozan joint oil field with a length of 3379 meters.

According to the report of  Public Relations and International Affairs  of Petropars Group, Seyyed Shamsedin Moosavi, pointing out that well number 12-03 has been drilled and reached production, said: This operation is the day and  effort of our colleagues and with the support of the respected CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company. It was completed and according to the conditions of the bed, 950 meters of its 3379 meters length have been excavated horizontally.
Pointing out that based on the initial capacity of the well, 1,000 barrels of oil will be harvested daily, he said: "During the past few days, the flow started from this well ring and the cleaning of the well was also done by our colleagues."
Dr. Moosavi stated that after drilling the first well in Foroozan oil field in May of this year, this is the second well that will be delivered to the client based on the commitments of Petropars Group, and reminded: Our commitment to drill 26 wells in Foroozan oil field It is a well that will be delivered to the employer by the end of 1402, and with the planning and process we have in front of us, we will try to fulfill our obligations on the due date.

The Managing Director of Petropars Group also pointed out that Iranian capacities are used in the field of engineering, supply of goods, technical and executive services in this field and stated: By the grace of God, domestic facilities and capabilities make us different from foreign contractors. It is unnecessary and except for very limited cases in the supply of goods, the rest of the services are supplied and implemented by domestic companies, which is a source of national pride.

It should be noted that the Foroozan oil field is located 100 km southeast of Kharg Island in the Persian Gulf and is shared with the Marjan oil field in Saudi Arabia.


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