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Starting the operation of commissioning F9–04 well in Forouzan Oil Field

  Starting the operation of commissioning F9–04 well in Forouzan Oil Field

According to Petropars group General Manager, through circadian and jihadi efforts by specialized and committed experts of the country and by finishing drilling operation and completing the fourth well in F9 Platform at Forouzan Oil field, this well started its flowing on April 18, 2022 and upon cleaning the well within next days, it would commission its operation soon.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, pointing out that Petropars Oilfield Services Co (POSCO) is operating as the EPD client in under the earth and drilling section of Forouzan Oil Field development plant, Dr. Seyed Shamseddin Moosavi asserted: “by conducting such activities as engineering, supplying, procuring and drilling by this company, the new well was drilled and completed and will be delivered to Iranian Offshore Oil company (the client) upon passing technical tests for operation and production so that a part of the goals to develop this joint oil field can be realized by full capability of Iranian experts.”

He added: “Drilling operation and completing this field is done by using Iranian DCI-2 offshore drilling rig and drilling 2738m under the surface and after 582m horizontal drilling in the angle of 90 and achieving the production goal in kazhdomi layer. Upon acid treatment operation, the well is now in test stage.

Noteworthy, Forouzan Oil field located 100km far from Khark Island in the Persian Gulf and in the joint border with Saudi Arabia. The plan on propagation and retaining its production is run by consortium consisted of Petropars Group and Persian Gulf Mobin Sazeh Gostar led by Petropars Group.


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