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An Appreciation and Happy New Year Message

  An Appreciation and Happy New Year Message

In the Name of Allah

One year passed from multilateral efforts and endeavors by Petropars Group. 
Herewith, I have the honor to appreciate all my colleagues in great family of Petropars Group
Last year passed despite of all various problems and difficulties and the only thing remains would be value generating efforts to sere Islamic society and system. 
In past year, we obtained precious experiences in executing and leading domestic infrastructural projects and we will put it as the light of our path in next year. 
We honor to have meetings with all ongoing projects of the company as well as executing projects of Petropars Group and appreciate all colleagues either in Head Office and sites of the projects including phase 11 of South Pars, Forouzan Oil Field, South Azadegan OilField, CTEP and Dehdasht Petrochemical.
Knowledge learning, undertaking promises and commitment, multilateral and seamless efforts to implement the projects and domestic important plans in line with improving the goals of our Islamic territory are and will be, inter alia, the principles of Petropars Group.
The end of current is embellished to Hazrat Ghaem Birthday Eid to and I congratulate this Eid to his real waiters. 

Next year will a very important and crucial year for us. Enjoying the greatest and most important domestic infrastructural projects, Petropars Group plays a very vital role in producing oil and gas and it is necessary that great family of Petropars Group pay attention to this important issue. 
Due to its brilliant records, the Administration has high expectations from Petropars Group. I hope that we can perform our designated tasks as below in the best manner by maximum empathy, sympathy, interaction and contribution: 
• Starting natural gas production in phase 11 in the middle of next Iranian year
• Commissioning the first phase of oil processing and production in wells at South Azadegan Field
• Oil production in wells at Forouzan Field

I have the honor to congratulate the New Year to all members of Petropars Group's great family and to consider the simultaneousness of natural spring and Holy Quran spring as a fortune and request the Divinity for kindness, forgiveness and guidance in this lovely month. 
Ultimately, I appreciate the Divinity for providing us with the opportunity of serving Islamic Republic of Iran and demand that the Divinity does not leave us even for one moment. 

Seyed Shamsuddin Moosavi
CEO Petropars Grou


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