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The quality and timely completion of projects are Petropars' top priorities

  The quality and timely completion of projects are Petropars' top priorities

The CEO of Petropars Group claimed that the company's primary objective is to remove impediments to projects and to accomplish high-quality, timely national projects, particularly joint oil and gas fields.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, Seyed Shamsuddin Mousavi stated in his first meeting with the group's managers on Saturday evening (January 15), "Petropars is currently implementing significant projects in the field of joint oil and gas fields, such as the South Azadegan Oil Field and development of phase 11 of South Pars Gas Field.
The CEO of Petropars Group saw this complex as a vital resource for the country, adding: "Petropars' presence in South Pars has instilled national pride in completing the most complicated research, execution, and launch of the country's oil and gas projects."
"With our worldwide expertise and Petropars's strong technical, professional, and management capabilities, we believe that in addition to domestic projects, as Iran's representative, we must seek international initiatives outside the country," he continued.
In explaining his ambitions for the Petropars Group, Mousavi said, "The only principled method to advance in the direction of the vision, purpose, and attaining major objectives while keeping to the organization's principles is to execute the corporate governance system fully."
"The corporate governance system incorporates the concepts of openness, accountability, equal consideration of the interests of all stakeholders, and strict compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and board of director obligations (internal controls)," he stated.
Corporate governance, Mousavi said, places a premium on three internal control regulations, performance evaluation (by applicable standards), and an integrated information technology system.
The two concepts of organizational culture and risk as to the interface and transfer of corporate governance infrastructure, which encompasses planning, operations, reporting, and accountability, are at the core of the corporate governance model, according to the CEO of Petropars Group. The board's leadership encompasses performance, strategy, governance, talent, and accuracy in this respect.
He mentioned the critical role of human capital in implementing this system: If an organization has knowledgeable, innovative, creative, committed, professional, and diligent human capital, it will be essential for the implementation and success of corporate governance, as well as to organizational pride and achievement of organizational goals.
In accordance with upstream documents and the interest of organizational growth and excellence, the CEO of Petropars Group reminded the following: Focusing on processing the company's affairs, forming specialized working groups to encourage colleagues to participate in strategy formulation, knowledge management, and extraction of hidden knowledge (from colleagues' thoughts and ideas), commitment and attention to core values, cooperation spirit, reliance and essential support of internal production capacities, meeting all quality, safety, and health requirements, and environmental protection for long-term growth. And when it comes to improving the financial control system, paying attention to risks and how to evaluate them, reorganizing the leadership and strategy structure, explaining how to manage everyone's expectations, and so on, are also important. Finally, focusing on human capability as the primary source of development and value creation for businesses is also essential.


Established in 1998, Petropars Ltd. (PPL) was founded in order to contribute towards the development of Iran’s vast energy resources PPL specializes as a developer of exploration exploitation and production in upstream projects... Read more

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