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Commencement of industrial contractors in Dehdasht Petrochemical

  Commencement of industrial contractors in Dehdasht Petrochemical

In recent days, concurrent with the visit of Dr. Saheb Nasaq, CEO of Dehdasht Petrochemical Company and Mr Khosravi, CEO of PPI Company to Dehdasht Petrochemical Company, the construction of a central workshop, warehouses and firefighting building and the construction of offices and engineering camp started.
Previously, in the non-industrial sector, geotechnical studies, leveling and fencing operations of the site, as well as the design and installation of telecommunication towers and IT network and physical protection operations of the site had been completed.
It is worth mentioning that with the implementation of this national plan, Dehdasht region will become one of the petrochemical hubs and will create a lot of employment in the region in the next two years.

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