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Dehdasht Petrochemical in development circuit

  Dehdasht Petrochemical in development circuit

After holding several tenders and determining the winning contractors, the development process of Dehdasht Petrochemical construction project is progressing rapidly.

Managing Director of  Petropars Group said: After holding tenders for construction of offices and engineering camps "," construction of central yard, warehouses and firefighting buildings "and" construction of reactors and pressure vessels "with Iranian manufacturers and contractors, Dehdasht Petrochemical Development Entered the executive phase.

Emphasizing on maximizing the use of internal power, Mr. Masoudi said: The design and installation of the telecommunication tower and IT network and the physical protection operations of the site are also being carried out by Iranian contractors.

Emphasizing on speeding up the construction process of this national plan, he said: "Previously, the contractors of geotechnical studies and leveling and fencing operations of the site were selected through a tender, which are in the final stages of their operations.

It is noted that according to the work description of this national plan, design, purchase, construction, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning of HDPE unit and utility units required for the complex have been seen, which will eventually provide an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons of heavy polyethylene. And will turn Dehdasht region into one of the petrochemical hubs and will create a lot of employment in the region in the next two years.


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