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The Managing Director of Petropars Group Visits  South Azadegan Project

  The Managing Director of Petropars Group Visits South Azadegan Project

The Managing Director of Petropars Group and the entourage attended the border zero zone to pay a visit to the national projects of South Azadegan and were briefed on the latest status of this joint field.

In the course of the visit which was paid on Dey 11 and 12, 1398 (January 2 and 3, 2020), Engineer Hamid-Reza Masoudi who was accompanied by a number of managers and directors from Petropars and Petropars Iran, visited various sections of this national project.

The high-ranking delegation from Petropars Group initially visited the administrative offices, residential camps and other sections of South Azadegan Project Headquarters and subsequently reviewed and discussed the status quo of the buildings and existing equipment and facilities there in general and in particular the infra-structures including the different plans and programs which were devised for optimal implementation of repair and maintenance operations.   

The Managing Director of Petropars Group and the accompanying team paid a further visit to operations sections to review the quantity of the oil produced out of this joint field, and appropriate decisions were made to accelerate and speed up the progress rate of the project and to boost the output quantity.

Included among different programs scheduled for the visit were holding of frequent meetings with operational and support/logistics working groups.

The joint South Azadegan field is located 80 km west of Ahwaz not far away from Soosangerd in the vicinity of Iran-Iraq border. Petropars was involved in this project since Aban 1397 (early November 2018) as the Management Contractor (MC) though it is expected that Petropars Group will further expand their activities in connection with this project in the near future.


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