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28 Storage Tanks to Be Developed at Oil-Rich Areas of South Iran  By Iranian Contractors

  28 Storage Tanks to Be Developed at Oil-Rich Areas of South Iran By Iranian Contractors

The Managing Director of Petropars Group said, “The project for development of 28 storage tanks at oil-rich areas of South Iran, comprising execution of well over one hundred surface sub-projects, drilling of about 280 new wells, repair of hundreds of production wells, plus numerous ancillary operations and activities can definitely contribute to both flourishing of domestic companies and creation of employment opportunities.”

According to a report released by SHANA, Hamid-Reza Masoudi stated that since Esfand 1396 (mid-March 2018), Petropars Iran had been engaged in this project as the Management Contractor (MC). Included among the significant services rendered and important operations performed in connection with this national project to this date were planning services, investigation and examination of projects basket, development of methods/procedures as well as the executive organization, review of the scope of work, technical documents and design, production of a framework and confirmation of integrity of tender documents.

He continued to add, “The contracts required for implementation of this project, which will be concluded within the scheme of EPC/EPD utilizing the domestic financial resources, are in process. Included among the conspicuous points and remarkable features of this national project is that the contracts place special emphasis on utilizing the competences and capabilities of Iranian contractors in general and the ones active at oil-rich areas of South Iran in particular.”

The Managing Director of Petropars Group noted, ‘As the project has adopted as its cornerstone the approach to support domestic manufacturers, the terms and conditions to grant financial facilities to the contractors for the supply of materials and equipment are carefully stipulated. To this end, it was prescribed that the financial contribution to be provided by the contractors should be reduced to minimum so that they can execute the projects with less financing burden: a supportive measure which will definitely lead to their growth needed for implementation of bigger projects.

Masoudi emphasized that almost 95% of the goods and commodities required for execution of the said project would be supplied out of the products manufactured by domestic companies. This attitude will result in a substantial promotion in the capabilities of domestic manufacturers, creation of employment opportunities, expansion of their business and progress in the provinces where these projects will be implemented considering in particular the fact that a maximum number of domestic human workforce living in oil-rich areas of South Iran will be recruited.

He further referred to the fact that the amount of investment which is intended to be made for this national project will measure well over 4 billion US Dollars. Out of this amount, some 4% will be utilized, in compliance with the social accountability, in connection with the developmental and constructive activities in cities and villages located adjacent to and in the vicinity of the project location: activities will include but not limited to the construction of educational facilities, roads, and health and medical treatment centers.

On the question of environmental and ecological plans and programs in general and collection of flare gases, the Managing Director of Petropars Group commented, “We will make measures to prevent burning of crude gases which accompany the crude oil whereby the ground will be set for better utilization of such gases when they will be either injected into the existing wells or transferred to the petrochemical establishments. Such measures will definitely promote the bio-environmental improvement indexes in the regions and areas where the projects will be executed.


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