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Managing Director of Petropars Group Pays a 10-Hour Visit to South Azadegan Project

  Managing Director of Petropars Group Pays a 10-Hour Visit to South Azadegan Project

Engineer Hamid-Reza Masoudi, the Managing Director of Petropars Group, in the course of his short trip to Ahwaz attended the border zone and paid a visit to the great national project of South Azadegan Field.

According to a report released by the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Petropars Group, since Aban last Iranian year (November 2018), Petropars as the MC has been active in South Azadegan Field, jointly owned by Iraq, and cooperates with Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) as the executive arm.

Included among the authorities who were present in the course of the 1-day visit of Shahrivar 14, 1398, were Engineer Iraj Havasee, the Acting Managing Director of Petropars Iran, Engineer Ali-Reza Sa’eedi, the MC Manager of South Azadegan Project, and a number of directors from Petropars and Petropars Iran.

The visit began at 10:30 and the Managing Director of Petropars Group and the entourage visited the piece of land allocated to CTEP as well as the different surface and subterranean sections of South Azadegan Project, and finally reviewed and studied the latest status of the Project.

The Managing Director of Petropars Group mentioned, “Given that the development and production processes are simultaneously carried out, safety and HSE issue are of great significance and high importance. Further, with regard to the fact that the area under construction is extremely vast and that a great number of contractors are simultaneously working, the most important and crucial issue is to create coordination and integration among the entities involved.”

Engineer Hamid-Reza Masoudi personally visited Petropars Group workforce who are in charge of South Azadegan Project MC and was closely briefed on the issues and work processes and issued the required orders for improvement of the operations and activities accordingly.

South Azadegan Project is located at Iran-Iraq border and measures 440 square meters in a 80 by 55 Kilometer area which still exhibits consequences of the 8-year Iraqi-imposed war including the embankments which still remain since the Holy Defense period.

The visit which lasted for about 10 hours concluded when the Managing Director of Petropars Group and the entourage attended the memorial service held for the martyrs of the Holy Defense and prayed for the calm and peace of their spirit.


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