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KCT Wins AVL Certificate

  KCT Wins AVL Certificate

KCT Wins AVL Certificate from POGC to Manufacture SSSV Safety Valves


In a joint venture with UAE’s WOC, KCT won the AVL certificate from Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) to manufacture SSSV valves.
SSSV valves, which together with their accessories approximately measure 10 meters in length and one ton in weight, are included among the critical and sensitive items which are needed for gas wells. Further, the manufacture of SSSV valves requires on a state-of-the-art technology. However, thanks to development of domestic capabilities and acquisition of the full technical competences, well over 70% of the manufacture of SSSV valves will be carried out at KCT.
Evidently, this accomplishment would not have been made without the collective endeavors made by our colleagues at POSCO and KCT in particular and without the comprehensive and unsparing support extended by the senior managers and directors of Petropars (including Dr. Akbari and Engineer Javadian) in general.



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