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No Monopoly by Foreign Companies

  No Monopoly by Foreign Companies

The Project for Management of Physical Assets of Phase 12 Was Ceded to POMC


In the course of ceremonies attended by the representative of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) and the Managing Director of Petropars, the Project for Management of Physical Assets of Phase 12 was officially ceded to POMC.
A report released by the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Petropars Group reads that the Project, so-called “Management of Physical Assets”, was executed for the first time ever in Iran by POMC, a Project which comprises CMMS, EDMS and RBI.
In the course of the ceremony held for the official inauguration of the said Project, Dr. Akbari mentioned the history and experience of Petropars in connection with execution of similar projects and commented, “The revered Petroleum Minister has frequently described Petropars as a knowledge-based company. Hence, arenas where a knowledge-based company should be present and active are IT Projects in which software of different types and computer-based technologies are employed.”
The Managing Director of Petropars further added, “There exist numerous areas in commissioning and maintenance of sections of oil industries where Petropars can be active, a situation which consequently reduces the costs and expenses and promotes effective exploitation.” 
He went on to say, “Relying on its experiences, POMC will definitely exercise creativity in organizing and performing this Project in order to win the satisfaction of the Employer.” 
The representative of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), Engineer Isari, commented, “The most significant accomplishment to be made by Petropars group is the management of assets and information. He went on to state, “Petropars is a very good partner for POGC.”
He praised the managers and directors of Petropars and commented, “The fact that Petropars admitted to undertake this Project, notwithstanding the fact that the contract value was cut, is indicative of their intelligence as they intended to have themselves introduced into the promising market of information management, a decision which will set the stage for successful future of Petropars.”
The Managing Director of POMC, Engineer Hafizollah Salehi, stated, “POMC is pioneer in execution of management of physical assets at South Pars region and we are highly honored and pleased to safeguard the physical assets of Iran’s oil and gas industries.”
He further noted, “POMC is the first company which managed to domesticate TOTAL’s procedures and methods as a result of which implementation of such projects were no more under the monopoly of foreign companies. Consequently, POMC introduced themselves into the management of physical assets for the first time ever in Phases 6, 7 and 8 and platforms of Phases 1 to 10 of South Pars.”
The Managing Director of POMC further expressed, “Iranian company neither have any experience in the field of execution of such projects, nor do they have the software and information required for this job. This comes at the time when POMC has a priceless history in Phases 6, 7 and 8 relying on which POMC will make a proper ground for implementation of this Project.”
He concluded saying, “For implementation of this Project we selected 25 highly-qualified, competent and capable graduates of accredited Iranian universities from among five thousand degree-holders.”
The Manager of Physical Assets of POMC, Engineer Shari’at, commented, “Phase 12 is the largest phase of South Pars Gas Field and the biggest project in history of Iran’s oil and gas industries and a biggest gas project in the world. Hence, safeguarding the assets of Iran’s nation is a national responsibility shouldered by Iranian experts, engineers and specialist. We are highly honored that we have at our disposal the information infra-structures required to manage the most extensive and priceless assets of Iran.”
It is worth mentioning that POMC was founded in 2009 and most remarkable accomplishment made by POMC was breaking the record when they managed to commission 5 gas sweetening trains of Phase 12 Refinery of South Pars Gas Field in less than a year.



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