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Petropars a National Capital

  Petropars a National Capital

In His Meeting with Chairman of Board of Directors and CEO of PPL, Vice-President Dr. Nobakht


In the course of a meeting with Vice-President Dr. Nobakht, who also heads the State Organization for Management and Planning (SOMP), Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Petropars Group asked for the removal and eradication of the existing hardships.
In the meeting, Dr Ali Marvi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Petropars Group delivered a report on the financial hardships and the present status of the Company, and elaborated on the capabilities, competencies and accomplishments of Petropars during the time when international sanctions were imposed against Iran. He went on to further comment that Petropars is the best exemplary for “action and movement” in line with the “resistance economy”.
Dr Akbari, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Petropars Group, stated that Phase 12 of South Pars Gas Field was commissioned at the peak of international sanctions and that Phase 19 was completed relying on the knowledge and experience of domestic Iranian experts and specialists. As a result of adoption of such policy, Petropars managed to have the technical know-how transferred to Iran which contributed to the growth, development and promotion of local capabilities and domestic competencies. If we wish to see such growth and promotion perpetuate, we need substantial assistance and help from competent authorities.
He went on to stress and to emphasize that development and promotion of local capabilities and domestic competencies requires significant protection and substantial support of the companies like Petropars Group, and further described the challenges and hardships inflicted upon Petropars and asked for some special assistance from the Administration of President Dr Rouhani to have the obstacles removed and the problems and issues resolved.
Upon listening to the comments made by Chairman of the Board of Directors of Petropars Group and the ranking managers and directors of Petropars, Vice-President Dr. Nobakht argued that he was well-aware of the problems and hardships affecting Petropars and that settlement of some issues requires approval and ratification by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (ICA). He concluded his comments saying that Petropars was a national capital and promised to spare no effort to settle and remove the problems and issues.



Established in 1998, Petropars Ltd. (PPL) was founded in order to contribute towards the development of Iran’s vast energy resources PPL specializes as a developer of exploration exploitation and production in upstream projects... Read more

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