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HR Excellence Cert. Conferred on PPL

  HR Excellence Cert. Conferred on PPL

TEHRAN__ Inaugurated by the Iranian Vice President for Management Development & Human Capital, the ...



TEHRAN__ Inaugurated by the Iranian Vice President for Management Development & Human Capital, the 8th Human Resources Development Conference was held in IRIB Int’l Conference Center (IICC) on November 19th during which PetroPars succeeded to be awarded the HR Excellence Certificate.

“On behalf of the entire company, Dr. Safdari, the head of PetroPars Human Resources & Training Management, was honored with the HR Excellence Certificate at the said conference in the presence of Dr. Ebrahim Azizi_The Vice President of Iran for Management Development & Human Capital, Mr. GH. Shafeie_The Chairman of Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO), representatives of some int’l companies from South Korea, Spain and France as well as a wide range of Iranian Managers, leaders, ideologists and consultants”, the Persian service of PetroPars PR & Int’l Affairs department reported on November 22nd

According to the report, the conference was aimed at clarification of administrative systems, common employment approaches and its impact on human capital development across the country particularly in public organizations and other economic enterprises. During the conference some senior local executives, academic members, HR administrators of a variety of institutes took the opportunity to give lectures, hold round table conferences and a number of workshops elucidating on:

  • The Managers’ role in HR development toward sustainable National Production
  • The Pragmatic approaches for implementing employees’ performance management processes
  • The management strategies Change, conflicts and leadership issues
  • The Relations with organizational performance, trust, credit, effectiveness of HR experts and administrators

There are three ranking classes for HRM Award which have been classified as Certified, Appreciated and, Medalist. The said ranking categories are awarded to those organizations and companies that have shown substantial progresses in development of HR system.


“The HRD Conference 2012 provides a unique opportunity for advancing the academic debate and offers a wide international perspective and a variety of networking opportunities and experience”, printed on the placard inside the IICC as a further explanation to the audience .

The Institute for Productivity and Human Resources Development (IPHRD) with more than 26 years of experience, in cooperation with HRM society and IDRO for the last 3 years has awarded the Human Resources Excellence Cert. for which some of the major aims and objectives have been taken into account under the following streams:

  • Creation of a constructive competitive approach among organizations
  • Facilitating sharing of successful experiences among organizations
  • Selection, nomination and corroboration of exemplary organizations in HRM function

PetroPars had submitted an application to the HRM Award Secretariat Office applying for “Certified” kind of Certificate among the possibilities. Having done all the cognitive process which entails scrutinizing both explicit documentations and implicit knowledge of employees elicited by virtue of personal interview, the award audit team recognized PetroPars as an eligible applicant for HR Excellence Certificate.



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