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Concurrent with tree planting day, the following activities were conducted: The exploitation of 15-hectare tree planting project by Petropars in Kangan

  Concurrent with tree planting day, the following activities were conducted: The exploitation of 15-hectare tree planting project by Petropars in Kangan

Forest Park The opening and operation ceremony of this 15-hectare project and planting of 3500 trees were held by the Petroplers Group in Bibi Habash Kangan Forest Park on Monday, the 15th of Esfand, concurrent with the tree planting day.

According to the public relations report of Petropars Group, the representative of the legal guardian, congregational prayer of Kangan, officials, executive directors, local trustees, and people of the region attended the opening and exploitation ceremony of the tree planting project in Bibi Habash Kangan forest park. It was followed by the speeches of the officials and managers of the involved institutions and representatives of the Peterpars Group. While emphasizing the importance of the environment, especially forests in realizing sustainable development, the improvement of the standard of living in the human ecosystem, and the necessity of preserving, maintaining, and increasing the level of green space and forests, a report was provided by Petropars Group on the process of preparation and exploitation of the planting project in the 15-hectare area of Bibi Habash Kangan Forest Park.
According to the presented reports, with the purpose to protect natural resources as a valuable national asset, fulfilling its social responsibilities, improving the spirit, and increasing the vitality of the noble and hardworking people of the region, Petropars Group planted more than 3500 different types of tree species adapted with the climate of the region, including lotos, silk, Iranian algaroba, small-leaved sista, temple figs, Azadirachta indica, almond (Terminalia catappa), cassia, acacia, java plum, torch of the jungle, and the like in an area of 15 hectares in the Bibi Habash forest park of Kangan at a cost of 12 billion Rials during the last year.
An important point in the seedling planting project regarding planting 3500 trees in the 15-hectare area of the Bibi Habash Forest Park in Kangan is the implementation of the drip irrigation system and the installation of six water tanks with a capacity of 40,000 liters, which was completed and operationalized by Petropars Group.
Based on the plans, the seedlings planted in Bibi Habash Kangan Forest Park will be registered under the name of Petropars Group employees. It is predicted that this measure will attract more individual and organizational attention to preserve trees in this park.
By preparing, implementing, and exploiting the tree planting project in the Bibi Habash Kangan Forest Park, Petropars Group fulfilled its commitment to the Environmental Organization and other legal authorities regarding the implementation of projects concerning preserving and restoring the environment along with developing the 19th phase of South Pars.


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