CEO Message

ceo message


The year 2018 was a turning point for Petropars, taking into account its past history and future plans. Considering the past, Petropars as the leading Exploration and Production (E&P) Company in Iran, is the first and the biggest developer of almost half of South Pars gas field, provided required capacity for production of 13 billion cubic feet of gas per day. Management of challenging and complex mega projects as well as the knowledge settled in different companies of the Petropars Group is the most valuable heritage of South Pars Gas Field Development projects.

Cherishing our human resources along with our infrastructure which have given us the opportunity to play a significant role in oil and gas, helped us to draw a clear road map for our future. Looking forward to the future, we adopted a clear strategy for more development of Petropars experiences and focused on strengthening our competitiveness to improve Petropars Project Portfolio outside of South Pars Gas Field. So, Petropars identified new opportunities and introduced itself into new markets. As a result and relying on Petropars group capabilities and experiences, South Azadegan Oil Field Development Project and Belal Gas Field Development were awarded to Petropars. Petropars aims at adding more achievements to its remarkable resume, concentrating on the South Azadegan Oil Field Development project and starting the Belal Gas Field Development as well as advancement of the Phase 11 of South Pars Gas Field Development project. Of course, Petropars will make extensive efforts to start new projects and diversify its clients and market. On behalf of Petropars, I want to thank our clients for their confidence and support. Also I would like to personally appreciate our people for their commitment during what has been a different year in the Petropars history. Our vision coupled with our experiences will act as two wing to help us soar high and conquer the pinnacle of the mountain of oil and gas industry.

Established in 1998, Petropars Ltd. (PPL) was founded in order to contribute towards the development of Iran’s vast energy resources PPL specializes as a developer of exploration exploitation and production in upstream projects... Read more