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Phase 19 of South Pars Gas Field Development

  Phase 19 of South Pars Gas Field Development

Petropars has always looked for developing organizational capabilities and competencies as the most important goals while it is implementing mega oil and gas projects. Therefore, Phase 19 of the South Pars Gas Field Development Project is a turning point in enhancing of Petropars capabilities.

Phase 19 of the South Pars Gas Field Development was the first project assigned to Petropars through an EPC contract schema in June 2010 by the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). It was for the first time that Petropars played the role of an EPC contractor in drilling and onshore projects.

To implement a mega project with many complexities as an EPC contractor needed more intensification and concentration as well as project management experience to the last detail which had its own challenges. So, in order to maintain agility in the successful implementation of this project, Petropars assigned the onshore refinery construction to Petropars Iran as its executive arm in the management of refinery development projects, and also assigned its drilling part to another subsidiary, POSCO. The offshore part of the project was separately assigned to the Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC) by the client, and the management and leadership of the three contractors as an executive consortium was assigned to Petropars Ltd. for effective coordination between various parts of the project by using its past experiences in the management of mega projects.

This $ 4.8 billion project was aimed at the extraction of 2,000 MMSCFD of natural gas from 15 vertical and horizontal wells drilled in the three offshore platforms.

Sour gas received from offshore facilities of the project, which are located at a distance of 110 km of coastline and onshore refinery, is injected into pipeline after processing and its daily 80,000 barrels of gas condensate is exported through Single Point Mooring (SPM) loading buoys. Butane, propane and ethane are the other valuable products of this project which will be achieved as the result of its successful implementation.

Management and implementation of the onshore part by Petropars Iran as the EPC contractor relying on the Petropars Ltd. experience, led Petropars Iran into developing its technical, systematic, software and management capabilities for managing oil and gas mega projects in a short period of time and to be recognized as a powerful company in Iran's oil and gas industry. To experience a mega-project management as an EPC contractor, petropars need to arrange more details, and spend a lot of power and energy to coordinate various elements of the project and the consultants, several contractors and constructors who played different role in the project.

The company also gained valuable experiences by drilling gas wells in South Pars region by Petropars Oilfield Services Company (POSCO). In the absence of well-known international service companies, which resulted in providing a platform for development and promotion of Iranian service providers. It would undoubtedly not happen without the support of POSCO and Petropars. As a result, POSCO communication network with its local and foreign service providers was developed so quickly. Therefore, the company is now known as one of the largest and most powerful companies in drilling operation management in Iran. Its records in a variety of drilling parts, including the drilling record of 17.6 meter per hour, proves the claim. 


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