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instructed extra work

  instructed extra work

Service port power supply

Tombak service and export port is located in the southeastern side of Phase 19. In view of its location and available facilities in the region, power supply required by the port through refinery substation of Phase 19 was assigned to Petropars Iran Co. as contractor of South Pars Phase 19 project by POGC as the project employer in form of additional work.

Type: EPC-Additional work

Ethane Metering

Metering Engineering, purchase, installation and commissioning operation of ethane gas metering skid of south pars Phase 19 in northwest side of refinery were assigned to Petropars Iran Co. by the employer as Additional work.

Phase 19 Flare Gas Recovery Project Basic Design

This Additional Work was aimed at conceptual design and basic design of Flare Gas Recovery System in Phase 19, started with the collaboration of Petropars Iran Co. with PIELDS engineering company of South Korea. It was agreed that HP flare gases, MP flares, LP flares, LLP flares and LPG flares were returned to gas treatment process in the refinery for the least possible environmental pollution and waste of recoverable part of gases.This basic design will be applied to other simillar plants in south pars, by the client


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