High propensity by Cuban Oil Union to cooperate with Petropars Group

  High propensity by Cuban Oil Union to cooperate with Petropars Group

In his meeting with Petropars Managing Director, Deputy of Cuban Oil Union (Cupet) expressed high propensity and impetus of his union as the biggest Cuban oil entity for cooperation with Petropars Group. 

According to the report of  Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, in this meeting on June 19, 2022 held in Petropars Group CEO’s office, Mr. Perez pointed out the first meeting and discussion between two entities in 26th International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Fair and said: “Upon this meeting, we studied the records and backgrounds of Petropars Group and we found that Petropars Group is the strongest Iranian company in oil and gas field.” 
Referring to his meeting with Iranian Oil Minister, Deputy of Cuban Oil Union added: “we are pleased the he also introduced Petropars Group as a capable company for cooperation and considering successful backgrounds, we are highly motivated to cooperation this company in oil extraction and production, repairing the wells and tanks and training.” 
Then, Petropars Group Managing Director emphasized on the seriousness of the company to cooperate with Cuba on developing oil and gas industry as well as training specialized forces and technology transfer: “based on initial proposal by Cupet, the initial expertise and technical studies are conducted in Petropars Group and our initial proposal is sent officially for distinguished Cuban Ambassador to Iran and we hope that by further interactions as well as establishing relationships in all technical, expertise and managerial level and more accurate studies, we can make final decision to start our cooperation.” 
In the same meeting, Mr. Azimifar as the special assistant of Oil Minister expressed his happiness on the existence of favored grounds for starting mutual cooperation and said: “in the case of preliminary agreement and confirming proposal of Petropars Group by Cuban party, a delegation from Petropars Group will be deployed to Cuba in near future for technical and specialized and technical information exchanges and studies and after reviewing the report by this delegation, a managerial team in the level of Petropars Group high ranking officials will travel to Cuba to finalize decisions and to sign relevant memorandum of understandings and contracts. 
Noteworthy, according to conducted studies, till 2016, Cuba ranked 68 among global oil countries by possessing about 124m barrels of proved oil reservoirs and is now able to extract about 80,000 barrels of crude oil per day. 


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