Petropars is one of the executive arms of the 20-year cooperation document between Iran and Venezuela

  Petropars is one of the executive arms of the 20-year cooperation document between Iran and Venezuela

On the sidelines of a meeting with the esteemed president of Venezuelan State Oil Company, the Managing Director of Petropars Group considered Petropars to be one of the institutions that can implement the provisions of the comprehensive 20-year cooperation document between Iran and Venezuela.

According to the repot of Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, Seyed Shamseddin Moosavi referred to the support of the Ministry of Oil and the NIOC for Petropars Company because of its valuable records in implementing oil and gas industry projects in Venezuela and said, "As an economic and commercial company, we must set priorities for transferring scientific capacity and knowledge to Venezuela and contributing to the development of oil and gas fields and construction and expansion of the refineries of that country on the one hand, and for considering the material and economic benefits of the Petropars Group on the other hand in order to provide the interests of both parties".
The Managing Director of Petropars Group talked about the specialized meeting held at Petropars Company on June 12 with the president of PDVSA and stated, "Given Mr. Chavez’s full knowledge of Petropars because of its past activities in Venezuela, the two groups have reached agreements on the development and expansion of Petropars Group in the national and infrastructural projects of that country and we hope to achieve the goals envisaged in this meeting very soon".
Emphasizing the two parties’ willingness for cooperation, he announced the formation of a steering committee and the implementation of joint oil and gas projects between the Petropars Group and the PDVSA and said, "This steering committee was formed in the presence of Mr. Chavez on behalf of the PDVSA and me as the CEO of Petropars Group so that we can sum up the measures and develop a roadmap and implement it in the shortest possible time considering the sensitivity and importance of the projects".
Regarding the projects posed by the Venezuelan party, Dr. Moosavi said, "The Venezuelan State Oil Company has drawn up general proposals which our colleagues in various units of Petropars have been reviewing to announce our proposals to them through the Ministry of Oil within a period of two weeks, after which the roadmap for cooperation between the two countries in this field will be finalized".
Expressing optimism about the implementation of the projects agreed between the two companies and the effective presence of the Petropars Group in the development of Venezuelan oil and gas industry, he said, "The signing of the comprehensive 20-year document of cooperation by the two presidents in Tehran shows that both parties are quite determined to do so. Petropars Group will strive to implement the provisions of the comprehensive cooperation document between the two countries based on its capacity, professional ability and efficient manpower".


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