Message by Petropars Group CEO on September 29th, Safety and Firefighting Day

  Message by Petropars Group CEO on September 29th, Safety and Firefighting Day

In the Name of Allah

Successful implementation of any project is impossible without respecting Safety, Health and Environment (HSE) requirements. 
In fact, HSE plays a vital and undeniable role in protecting human life and environment and can ensure the quality of executing any project, organizational interests and environmental protection. 
Honorably, Petropars Group has put respecting HSE principle at the top of its list and through constant training for colleagues and other stakeholders, it has always managed and executed its plans in the highest level of safety and without any accident led to fatalities. 
In the meantime, posing on-time and strict health protocols and principles on preventing COVID – 19 outbreak has successfully yielded to prevent casualties and conducting public vaccination for Petropars Group colleagues and their families in Head office and operational regions has improve Petropars Group colleagues’ immunization process. 
I have the honor to congratulate September 29th as the Safety and Firefighting Day to all assiduous forces in this arena especially firefighters and active HSE colleagues in Petropars Group Head Office as well as projects and demand the Divinity for their health and prosperity. 

Hamid Reza Masoudi
Petropars Group CEO


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