A statement from the CEO of Petropars Group On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr

  A statement from the CEO of Petropars Group On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr

In the name of World Creator
Ramadan is the manifestation of Lord’s mercy and man’s servitude, an arena of cleansing souls of rust and polishing our existence’s diamonds, as well as appreciation of mankind.
Although the cessation of this bountiful table has saddened its lovers’ souls, the good ending of the grandeur of Eid al-Fitr turns this dejection into jubilation; an occasion that enunciates Gods’ satisfaction and acknowledgment of purity.
It is an honor that plans and projects have been implemented swiftly in the face of our colleagues’ fasting and restrictions such as Corona and sanctions during this time; our colleagues manifested a glorious indication of faith and belief in doing to everyone with their solemn undertaking.
Hoping for the acceptance of your holy obedience and worship, I offer my heartfelt felicitations to my all colleagues in Petropars Group and their esteemed families, and hope that the great Lord helps the group be successful in implementing plans and projects in progress and be proud by the great people of Iran.
HamidReza Masoudi
CEO of Petropars Group

Established in 1998, Petropars Ltd. (PPL) was founded in order to contribute towards the development of Iran’s vast energy resources PPL specializes as a developer of exploration exploitation and production in upstream projects... Read more

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