About 4200m of drilling operation in phase11 South Pars Gas Field

  About 4200m of drilling operation in phase11 South Pars Gas Field

Despite of unstable and undesired winter weather in the Persian Gulf, 11th phase Southern Pars drilling operation is keeping on seriously and ceaselessly and, so far, 4180m of drilling is conducted.
According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, Hamid Reza Masoudi announced this issue and said: “drilling operation of 11th phase Southern Pars was started in December 14, 2020 and, so far, 4180m of drilling operation is conducted on 11th phase wells.”

He pointed out that drillings are performed in two steps in order to achieve early production in the final phase of Southern Pars. He added: “in the first step, a delineation well and three production wells are drilled and completed and upon installing a production platform, further eight wells will be drilled and completed.”

“Currently, the drilling operation of a 24-inch hole of the fourth well is begun” he asserted by emphasizing on the fact that the installation of a conductor pipe and cementation of 32-inch hole of 12 wells as well as the installation of wall pipe and cementation of 24-inch of 3 wells are already completed.

Managing Director of Petropars Group emphasized that the benchmark for Petropars is maximum utilization of domestic production and servicing capacity and supporting Iranian goods and said: “so far, 100% of preliminary study and general service contracts, 50% of surface/subsurface purchase contracts and 100% of surface/subsurface contractor contracts are concluded with domestic companies and suppliers so that it has yielded to job creation for over 500 persons directly and further 2000 people indirectly.”

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