CEO of Petropars Proposes

  CEO of Petropars Proposes

CEO of Petropars Proposes Six Fundamental Guidelines for Materialization of National Product and Pr...


On Wednesday Khordad 24, 1391, the concluding day of the “Conference on National Product and Protection of Iranian Labor and Capital” which was held in Amir-Kabir University in Tehran, Mohammad-Javad Shams, the Managing Director of Petropars made six proposals as the minimum actions to be taken in order to materialize the Strategic motto of “National Product and Protection of Iranian Labor and Capital” 

According to a report released by the Public Relations and International Affairs Management of Petropars, in the course of the Experts Panel organized to exchange the views on the topic “Oil Industry: Pioneer of National Production and Sustainable Development” and which was attended by the experts including Mohsen Khojasteh-Mehr, Ministry of Petroleum Deputy for Planning and Supervision, Dr Mahdi Bazaargan, Ministry of Petroleum Strategic Planning Director General, Farhad Ahmadi, Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company, and Alireza Shabani, Managing Director of Offshore Facilities ManufactureCompany, Mohammad-Javad Shams, Managing Director of Petropars, delivered a comprehensive report on the trend of activities and operations undertaken by Petropars in the course of successful completion of Phase 1, Phases 4 & 5 and Phases 6, 7 & 8 and in the course of carrying out and executing Phase 12, Phase 19 of South Pars Gas Field Development Project as well as and fields development Project. He went on to comment that although we experienced some difficulties and hardships after the foreign and international companies stopped their cooperation with Iran, such interruption boosted self-confidence and reliance on Iranian experts competences, qualifications and merits. Mohammad-Javad Shams, reiterating that Petropars is clearly an exemplary materialization of the motto “National Product and Protection of Iranian Labor and Capital”, commented it was highly imperative that to support domestic contractors and manufacturers in order to guarantee substantial economic growth in Iran. 

It is worth mention that upon conclusion of the Expert Panel, Mohammad-Javad Shams, the Managing Director of Petropars had a very friendly and informative conversation with oil industries students and authorities out of the venue of the Panel and generously answered the questions raised by them. The 2-day Conference on National Product and Protection of Iranian Labor and Capital with the Focus on Scientific and Technological Approaches was held on Khordad 23-24, 1391 (June 12-13, 2012) in Amir_Kabir Polytechnic University, and was attended by ranking authorities from technical universities and oil-related industries.



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