2015 second quarter results

  2015 second quarter results

Statoil (OSE:STL, NYSE: STO) delivered adjusted earnings of NOK 22.4 billion and adjusted earnings after and adjusted earnings after tax of NOK 7.2 billion in the second quarter.

The pavilions present in the 18th International Fair on Oil, Gas Refinery and Petrochemicals were assessed and evaluated against two qualities including “Visual Effects of the Pavilion and Presentation” as well as “ Self-Sufficiency and Sanctions Management” by a group comprising the Fair Headquarters, Studies and Opinion Polls Working Group, Security and Supports Working Group, and the Referees Board. Petropars Pavilion qualified the First and the Best in the field of “Visual Effects of the Pavilion and Presentation” compared to other government-affiliated and semi-government-affiliated companies.
Next to the position occupied by Petropars, Oil Industries Research Center won the Second Place while South Oil-Rich Regions National Company together with Tehran Oil Commodities Provision, Fabrication and Support Company jointly won the Third title.
Based on the statement released by the Referees Board, the “Visual Effects of the Pavilion and Presentation” comprised 5 criteria including (1) Pavilion Holders, (2) Aesthetics and Visual Effects of the Pavilion, (3) Promotional Items and Publications, (4) Services and Productions Presented, and (5) Manner of Presentation.
The statement further read, “The assessment comprised qualities such as creative design of the pavilion, color combinations in the design of pavilion, smart outfit of individuals and harmony between their outfits and pavilion appearance, optimal utilization of displayers, relation between design and object of pavilion, and field of activity of the company.”
It should be noted that the 18th International Fair on Oil, Gas Refinery and Petrochemicals was held between Farvardin 29 and Ordibehesht 01, 1392 (March 18-20, 2013) at the Permanent Venue of Tehran International Fairs. As usual, special ceremonies were scheduled to be held in this respect, but due to the transition between outgoing and incoming Administration, a summary ceremony was held in the course of which a Certificate of Excellence was granted to Petropars.


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