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Phase 12 of South Pars Gas Field Development

  Phase 12 of South Pars Gas Field Development

Well-known as a top pioneering company in Iran's oil projects, Petropars has been a role model for other Iranian companies in previous years and has been responsible for mega and difficult national projects.

Petropars is known for its leading role in challenging projects in Iran's oil and gas industry.

With its all challenges and unique characteristics, Phase 12 of South Pars Gas Field Development assigned to Petropars in 2005. Considering the capital investment, man-hours of work involved in the Project and productions value, Phase 12 of South Pars Gas Field Development is an incomparable project in Iran industry. Therefore, its execution innately entailed certain challenges. It was also the first project that had been started in the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone-2, providing necessary initial infrastructures in order to initiate activities possessed a grave importance in speeding up the Project.

On the other hand, Petropars as an Iranian company was responsible for the entire process of financing and project execution. Petropars also employed several international contractors such as Worley Parsons, Lurgi, Italy's Tecnimont, South Korea's Daelim, Schlumberger, etc. in consultation and providing services for technical and engineering parts of the Project. After the non-Iranian contractors withdrew from the Project due to international situation at the time, based on the precise and deep recognition of Iranian contractors, Petropars was able to successfully employ the ability and localized know-how of the Iranian contractors so the Iranian content share exceeds 66% of the total which was considered far from the determined initial target mentioned in the deal signed between Petropars and National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). Such development strategy and planning led to the prosperity and success of the Project regardless of the difficulties the company faced during the time project execution.


The key to Petropars success is the deep understanding of markets' potentials, and principals of managing mega-projects.

The 12 billion dollars mega-project was granted in the form of buyback service contract in the late 2005 to Petropars and based on the initial studies, daily gas production is equal to 3,000 MMSCFD from 45 vertical and horizontal wells located on the 4 offshore platforms.

The received sour gas from the offshore facilities which is located 145 kilometers away from the coastline and the onshore refinery is injected to the main pipeline once it is refined and processed. The daily capacity of 120,000 barrels of condensate produced in this project is exported through Single Point Mooring (SPM) system.

Phase 12 of South Pars Gas Field Development was financially supported by Petropars Company and resorting on the company’s major shareholders (NICO). The basic engineering of the mega-project, using the latest technologies and know-how, also was done by Worley Parsons.

Petropars is the only Iranian company which financially supports oil and gas mega-projects based on its shareholder's financial potentials.


Respecting the Environment

In Phase 12 of South Pars Gas Field Development, respecting the environment is considered as an undeniable fundamental aspect of engineering and construction and therefore, once the Project was started, the motto of the project "Development without Destruction" was put ahead in different parts of the Project.

For that matter, 4 Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU) with 99.6 % recovery rate were constructed under Lurgi license so that it could recycle most of the associated sulfur and turn it to solid form. Not only this idea decrease the air polluting matters and keeps the environment safe, but also it leads to production of 750 tons of granulated sulfur as a by-product of this refinery.

The Project Unique Characteristics:

Having involved 150 million manhour of work, Phase 12 of South Pars Gas Field Development was put in production in April 2014 and raised Gross Domestic Production (GDP) to more than 2.2% which is considered a big success and it respectively plays an important role in increasing the country's, gas and condensates exports.

Petropars succeeded in achieving remarkable records having done this project which is a manifestation of the company's capability in carrying out mega-projects:

  • Commissioning of 6 Gas Treatment Units (GTU) in less than 11 months
  • Drilling the deepest gas well with the depth of 5,311 meters
  • Possessing the record of the fastest drilling operation in  24 inches section  in the South Pars Gas Field
  • Obtaining the record of 64.7 million man/hour of safe work (without any incident)
  • Managing 17,000 workforce in the peak of execution phase in Offshore, Onshore and Drilling sections
  • Managing more than 560 domestic and foreign contractors and vendors for providing equipment required for the Project
  • Constructing the biggest gas condensates tanks with the capacity of overall 3 million barrels in South Pars


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