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For the first time, Petropars develops Farzad GasField by 3D Geo-Mechanics Model in Iran
For the first time, Petropars develops Farzad GasField by 3D Geo-Mechanics Model in Iran

Petropars CEO announced that the company has used high quality 3D geo-mechanics and seismography in Farzad Gasfield for the first time in Iran: “Petropars would develop Farzad Gas Field by full awareness of its status and risks.” 

According to the report of  Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group , in ceremony of signing Farzad B Joint Gas Field Development contract on May 17, 2021, Hamid Reza Masoudi asserted on traits of this gas field: “Farzad B Field is located 85km in east of Bushehr and 35km from Farzad A Field. Its forecasted natural gas volume is 29.3 trillion cubic meters of which about 23 trillion cubic meters are in Iran and the remained is in Saudi Arabia. This field has very high pressure of 9000PSI and temperature of 130° with very complicated geological structure.”
He pointed out the records of studies by Petropars Group in the format of HOA contract on exploration and development operation of this field and said: “For the first time in the country, 3D geo-mechanics studies are conducted by Petropars Group and NIOC has acted as the client.”
“This success is achieved through cooperation with domestic well – known universities and upon gathering various information. The result was a designed model of the filed by which we can enter exploration and development operation by full recognition and can conduct such operation as digging by the lowest risk.” He added.  
Concerning the procedure of continuing operation by Petropars Group in this field, he expressed: “In 2017, our studies through a MC contract yielded to many achievements such as determining six main options and 32 minor ones to develop this field; by keeping on the precise studies and raising the issue with client, we could finally achieve this option and today we are observing the signature of its contract.”
Concerning other achievement on Farzad Field studies, Mr. Masoudi told: “Another big job conducted for the first time in this field is very high quality 2D seismography by which we could achieve valuable information of tank upper status and could forecast all its dangers in geo-mechanics 3D model.” 
In another part of his speech, Mr. Masoudi said that delay in entering the development of a joint field is better that entering it without adequate knowledge and information: “Fortunately, Petropars Group has now full awareness on situation, model and risks of the model and we hope that by relevant planning, we can minimize the risks and can develop the Field in the shortest time.”

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