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The system and the government emphasizes faster exploitation of the joint fields

  The system and the government emphasizes faster exploitation of the joint fields

While visiting the development plans of South Azadegan Field and the construction of the Central Treatment Export Plant (CTEP), the CEO of Petropars Group said, "The emphasis of the system and the government is on faster exploitation of joint oil and gas fields.

According to the report of the Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, on the sidelines of this visit, which took place on January 20, Dr. Seyed Shamsuddin Mousavi considered the development plans of South Azadegan Field and the construction of the CTEP to be very important projects in the country and stated, "Although these two projects are being implemented through two separate contracts in the Petropars group, but the two projects must be completed within a specific schedule in order to be effective."

Referring to the delays in the implementation of these two projects, the CEO of Petropars Group said, "A lot of attempts were made in the past to implement the project, which deserves appreciation, because colleagues and managers have taken forward the project despite all limitations, but these two projects generally have a lot of delays and we must use all our capacities to accelerate their implementation.

He expressed hope for accelerating the implementation of the mentioned projects and added, "Fortunately, what was evident in this visit and talks with the colleagues of both projects as well as the contractors in the projects is their spirit of empathy and cooperation for better and faster implementation of the projects." 

Stating that there are always limitations and obstacles, Dr. Mousavi said, "I believe that these limitations will be removed through innovation and according to the meetings held in the workshop and review of relevant solutions and suggestions, as well as consensus with the elites and experts of such projects in the Petropars Group, we will make decisions using the best ways to solve the problems.

He regarded the identification of obstacles and problems in the work as the first and most important step towards their elimination and said, "We will try to eliminate the obstacles facing Petropars with the capacities of the company and to solve the problems facing contractors through interaction with them and serious and continuous monitoring of their performance.

Regarding the need for effective communication and interaction with employers, the CEO of Petropars Group said, "This idea is very important and should be extended to all levels in the implementation of projects, because using all capacities to resolve and remove obstacles in complex matters is both rational and necessary. Therefore, it is important to hold regular meetings with all parties at the expert and managerial levels to explain and resolve problems.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Mousavi, during his first visit to the plans and projects of Petropars Group, renewed his allegiance to the martyrs of the Holy Defense by attending the memorial of the martyrs of Hoveyzeh.


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