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The accelerated development of South Pars  Gas Field Phase 11 

  The accelerated development of South Pars  Gas Field Phase 11 

The CEO of Petropars Group reported official announcement of two important contracts to accelerate the development of South Pars Phase 11.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, Mr. Hamidreza Masoudi stated that these two contracts are related to the implementation of the marine pipeline as well as the transfer, modification and installation of the production platform in the SPD11B position; he also stated that:
After the announcement of these contracts, the engineering activities, purchase, and implementation corresponding to these two contracts has been started officially since Wednesday, December 22, 2021.
He discussed the country's major concerns about the quick operation of the last phase of the South Pars Gas Field, and said:
In order to quickly transfer and install the production platform on position 11B, the necessary studies were conducted and then, we concluded an EPCI contract with an Iranian company; moreover, according to long delivery time (L.L.I), the required goods and equipment were purchased by Petropars Group to complete the project according to determined time.
According to CEO of Petropars Group also explained about the marine pipeline project, after the completion of wells and the operation of this pipeline, gas and gas condensate produced in the first phase at a rate of about 11 million cubic meters per day, will be transferred to gas processing Facilities in the Pars 2 region.
Mr. Masoudi emphasized on Petropars' seriousness in providing maximum support to Iranian manufacturers and contractors and also said that "So far, 83% of contracts have been concluded with domestic companies in various sectors, including the provision of equipment and the purchase of services, and we want to conclude all the contracts.".
Phase 11 development plan is the last development plan of South Pars gas field, and IPC contract was concluded with the consortium of French Total companies, CNPCI  and Petropars in 2017, but due to international sanctions and Withdrawal of foreign partners, finally in September 2019, the implementation of this national project was fully assigned to Petropars Company, and it is expected that following the implementation of its first phase, 2 billion cubic feet of gas and 80,000 barrels of gas condensate will be produced daily.


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