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By attending in a drilling rig, Petropars Group CEO announced: Around 8000m drilling South Gas Pars Phase 11

  By attending in a drilling rig, Petropars Group CEO announced: Around 8000m drilling South Gas Pars Phase 11

During visit by Petropars Group CEO and accompanied delegation to drilling rig in South Gas Pars Phase 11, the deadline and necessary issues were issued for rapid drilling operation. 

According to the report of  Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, in this visit on S‌ep 2, 2021, Mr. Masoudi attended in a drilling rig and emphasized on the importance of South Gas Pars Field Phase 11 for the country and on the multilateral initiatives to start early production in the last phase of South Gas Pars joint field. 
Concerning the most recent conditions of drilling operation, he asserted: “despite of restrictions due to COVID – 19 pandemics, the first step of drilling including drilling for production wells is under the way in which 8,000 meters of total predicted 15,000 meters for 4 wells are drilled.” 
Pointing out the fact that contractors for pipeline and platform in development plan of South Gas Pars Field phase 11 are selected and upon communicating the confirmation of National Iranian Oil company to them, platform and pipeline engineering operation for installment on B11 position will be started, he clarified: “the share of Iranian companies in different section of phase 11 development plan including supplying equipment is beyond Petropars Group’s commitment in phase 11 development contract and this company has always put supporting Iranian goods and domestic technical and engineering capability on the top of its agenda. 
Before departure to B11 position in sea border strip with Qatar, Mr. Masoudi also visited warehouses, yard and jetty in Kish Island. 
While monitoring goods supply and needed services for drilling operation, he told: “completing these wells were impossible and drawing gas resources were stopped if we Petropars Group waiting for foreign companies. To the same reason, we trusted domestic manufacturers and, today, we observe that phase 11 national and strategic plan is under development by Iranian goods and services for which we feel too happy.” 
In the margin of this visit, Petro pars Group CEO also visited Kish Complete Technology (KCT) factory and monitored the latest situation of manufacturing well tools and equipment as well as other devices and instruments produced in this factory. 
Noteworthy, part one South Pars natural gas phase 11 development plan includes the production and installation of jacket and deck, drilling 12 wells and tubing a 32-inch marine pipeline from platform to shore. 


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