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Successful Execution of Offloading Operations and Completion of LNG Exports Pipeline

  Successful Execution of Offloading Operations and Completion of LNG Exports Pipeline

Upon execution of offloading operations, security and installation of 36” valves and insulation fittings of LNG exports pipeline by Petropars Iran, not only foreign exchange will not be transferred abroad, but also a major step was taken ahead to achieve sufficient capability in providing services for the repair and maintenance of oil and gas industries in Iran.

A report released by the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Petropars Group, the so-call pipeline No. 002, one of the two pipelines used for exportation of LNG from Tonbak Site, each one measuring almost 7 km, starts from the north of the Service Port and joins splits from Phase 19 and Phase 14 refinery to be introduced to Tonbak Export Terminal.

The whole operational processes for implementation of the said pipeline was directly designed and executed by the operational team from Petropars Iran. Consequently, the study phase, the preliminary phase and finally full execution of the operations has equipped Petropars Iran with the technical know-how, operational knowledge and security and safety of the pipelines carrying oil products.

Included among other advantages of this project were utilization of domestic equipment and local consultants for safety operations, which will not only retain foreign exchange resources, but also result in substantial reduction in costs and expenses recommended by foreign companies.


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