Sep 20, 2019

Phase 19 Project

Phase 19 of South Pars Gas Field Development Project was assigned, on May 15, 2010 (Khordad 26, 1389) by Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), to a Consortium comprising  Petropars Limited, Petropars Iran (for execution of onshore facilities and drilling operations) and IOEC (for fabrication and erection of offshore platforms and submarine pipelines) under the leadership of Petropars Limited, within the scheme of a lump-sum EPC contract. Phase 19 is included among the Western phases of South Pars Gas Field.

پروژه  فاز 19 پارس جنوبی

The onshore establishments and facilities of Phase 19 border the Persian Gulf in Tumabk region (approximately 210 km East-South of Bushehr Port) in an area measuring about 218.5 hectares, between the refineries of Phase 11 and 12 of South Pars, in Pars 2 Energy Economic Special Zone. The wells and offshore platforms of Phase 19 are located almost 120 km away from the Persian Gulf coast.  
Phase 19 includes drilling of 15 wells on three wellhead platforms. The gas and condensates extracted from the said wells will be transferred to the Onshore facilities in Tumbak region using 2 submarine gas pipelines measuring approximately 129 Km in length. In the Onshore refinery, the sour gas, condensates, water and other impurities will be collected from Offshore facilities and upon separation, they will be refined into intended materials. Upon sweetening the sour gas in 4 rows of gas processing, sweet gas is injected into Pipeline VI of the National Gas Grid. The condensate separated in the refinery is exported using submarine pipeline and SPM. Phase 19 of South Pars is the first project for the execution  of which Petropars Iran, as the executive arm of Petropars Limited, acted as an EPC contractor.


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