Nov 22, 2018
South Pars Gas Field
South Pars Gas Field (the North dome in Qatari side) is the world's largest gas field which is located on the joint border line between Iran and Qatar in the Persian Gulf. Iranian section of this field is considered the most significant source of energy in Iran.The gas reserves of this huge gas field comprises about 8% of the total gas reserves of the world while the Iranian part of the field comprises almost one half of the domestic gas reserves of Iran. This huge gas field measures 9,700 square km in area while the Iranian section measures 3,700 square km in area. Iran's section is estimated to hold some 14 trillion cubic meters of gas plus 18 billion barrels of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

GAS Field

Currently it is scheduled to develop 28 blocks for the production of 790 million cubic meters of gas on a daily basis from South Pars Gas Field in the form of 24 phases. South Pars Gas Field is developed to meet the requirements for the mounting demand for the natural gas, for injection of gas into the oil fields, for exportation of gas and for production of LNG and liquid gas to be fed into petrochemical plants. Accordingly, Assaluyeh and Kangan, located respectively 270 km and 220 km Easte-South of Bushehr Port, are selected as the coastal regions for establishment of the on-shore facilities and establishments of the said projects.
Petropars, as the first and greatest Iranian Operator in charge of development of different phases of South Pars Gas Field, has so far developed 11 blocks out of 28 blocks of this field in the form of 5 projects (for the production of some 12 trillion cubic feet per day of gas).


South Pars Gas Field

میدان گازی پارس جنوبی

پروژه   فاز 1 پارس جنوبی پروژه افزایش ظرفیت فاز یک  
 South Pars Gas Field Phase 1 Phase1,Development & Revamping
 پروژه فاز های 4 و 5 پارس جتوبی  پروژه   فازهای 6؛7و8 پارس جنوبی  فاز 12 پارس جنوبی
 Phase 5&4Phase 6,7&8Phase 12
 پروژه فاز 19 پارس جنوبی
 پروژه فرزاد A International Project
 Phase 19Farzad AInternational Projects
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