Sep 20, 2019

PPI Compony

Petropars Iran (PPI) was set up in Kish Island in 2002 by  Petropars Limited with the aim being to make investments, to manage and implement oil, gas and petrochemical projects.


The scope of activities and operations of Petropars Iran includes management, engineering, erection and construction of  developmental and mechanical projects, evaluation and  assessment of projects, drilling and related services in the onshore and offshore section, rendering marine inspection services, exploration, development and production of oil and gas, conducting geophysical and seismographic surveys and studies, rendering services in connection with exploitation and maintenance in petrochemical industries, rendering management, financial, commercial and investment services related to oil and gas and petrochemical industries, rendering onshore and offshore services in cooperation with legal entities and natural persons from Iran and abroad
Considering the fact that Petropars has at its disposal extensive facilities such as roofed and unroofed warehouses and different buildings at Kish Port, Petropars Iran has successfully managed to extend support services to different phases of South Pars Gas Field in general and in particular to Phase1, Phases 6-8, Phase 12 and Phase 19 in both onshore and offshore section in full compliance with internationally-practiced standards. Presently, we are managing the Onshore Section of Phase 19 Project as an EPC contractor.  Petropars Iran is determined to turn into an active EPC contractor in the field of upstream oil and gas projects, and assignment of construction of Onshore facilities of Phase 19 to Petropars Iran has contributed to attain this objective.



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