Sep 20, 2019

FZE Company

Petropars International FZE, as a company owned 100% by Petropars, was set up in October 2002 in Jebel Ali Free Zone of United Arab Emirates (UAE) to supply raw materials, equipment, instruments, tools and machinery required for the projects designed in oil and gas industries in order to facilitate and expedite the process of providing goods, commodities, services and financial resources from international suppliers.


As it is located in UAE and since it is practically feasible to establish closer contacts and extensive connections with  regional and internationally-accredited companies active in UAE thanks to the capacities and facilities existing in there, Petropars International FZE is reasonably capable of rendering a wide and varied range of services required for the projects related to oil and gas industries particularly services related to provision of equipment and machinery.  

  • Rendering services related to inspection of goods out of Iran including inspection of the vessels leased by Petropars Limited

  • Purchase and procurement of safety equipment for Phases 6, 7 and 8  

  • Purchase and procurement of spare parts required for the cranes at the service of Phase 1 jacket, and exerting supervision over the repair and test of the cranes  By providing equipment, fuel for vessels as well as rendering logistic services to Phases 1, 6, 7, 8, 12 and 19 of South Pars Gas Field Development Project, Petropars International FZE has so far managed to play a major role in  extending support to the projects undertaken by Petropars the most significant of which include:  

  • Provision of goods, commodities and equipment for the Drilling Section of the sais Projects which included supply of 26” Drilling Bits as well as the Conductors required for drilling operations

  • Provision of goods, commodities and equipment for the onshore section which included pipes, flanges and fittings of different sizes and types

  • Supply of fuel and water for the vessels and rigs involved in Phase 12 and 19 Projects              

  • Rendering logistic services, including offloading, loading, customs clearance and shipping of goods and commodities in UAE ports for the vessels involved  in Phase 12 and Phase 19

  • Provision and lease of various vessels for Phase 12 Drilling Section

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