Sep 20, 2019
Media Is the Message
Nowadays with the advent of social media and expansion of smart tablets and smart phones, the well-known saying by Marshal McLuhan, “Media is the Message” is turning into reality more than ever before. Under such circumstances, all message exchanged among the public are affected by the “media”. If one cannot claim that “media” has gained priority over “message”, one should admit that “media” has become equally as Important as the “message”; which implies that we should admit “media” is as effective and as significant as the “message”. Hence, development of a new and attractive “media” leads into extensive dissemination of the “message”. That is the reason why Petropars has always sought a new and modern “media” to communicate the messages. Included among such “media” was the design and development of the first interactive multi-media of oil industries as well as the first 2-dimensional and 3-dimentional animation depicting the process of gas production.
In line with this policy, the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Petropars Group focused their efforts on the development of Reality Augmented Software, as a newly-media, after the latest communication technologies and the state-of-the-art interactive software were carefully reviewed and investigated. Consequently, we managed to introduce this interactive software into oil and gas industries for the first time ever in Iran and in the world. Using this software we managed to develop the Reality Augmented Software of Phase 12 of South Pars which is the greatest project in the history of Iran’s industries.


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Phase 12 of South Pars: The Greatest Project in Iran’s Industrial History
Phase 12 of South Pars, which is considered the greatest project in Iran’s industrial history from every respect, is in par with three standard phase and is capable of producing and processing gas three time the volume of conventional phases and consequently a high significance is attached to it in Iran. The project designed for the development of Phase 12 was assigned by Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) to Petropars in late June 2005. It was completed, with an investment made measuring USD 7,000,000,000 plus well over 145, 000,000 man/hour of work, on March 16, 2015 at the threshold of 64th anniversary of nationalization of Iran’s oil industries and was inaugurated and commissioned with the presence of His Excellency the President if IRI, the Petroleum Minister, a number of ICA members as well as a group of ranking managers and directors from oil and gas industries. The portion undertaken by 180 Iranian contractors measured 66%, which is seen as another source of pride in implementation of oil and gas upstream projects.
We at Petropars feel proud that we had Iran’s largest gas project completed in conformity with the highest internationally-acknowledged standards, relying on Iranian capabilities and domestic management. Completion of this project has not only preserved Iran’s bio-environment but has also contributed to the economic promotion and welfare of Iranian people.
As an indicator for the great significance of this mega project one may refer to the address which was delivered by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran marking the beginning of the last new Iranian year in the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza to the effect that Phase 12 of South Pars was a huge and complicated industrial project the completion of which would contribute to a substantial economic growth and public welfare. All of these achievements were made by our innovative workforce under the conditions when international sanction had been imposed against Iran.


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What is the augmented reality of Phase 12 of South Pars?
Augmented Reality Software is the state-of-the-art technology, which is used in the manufacture of intelligent cellular  phones and tablets and civil kiosks, and combines actual views with virtual pictorial elements to visualize a new world before the eyes of the users.
Augmented reality is a vivid physical image which interacts with the user to add virtual elements to the actual world of the users. Such elements are generated by the computer by collecting and processing the images received from the camera of the smart phones and the geographical situation.
Suppose, using your smart phone or tablet, you are looking at the pictures depicting the chain value of Petropars Group (extracted from the actual model of Phase 12 of South Pars) and suddenly the software screen depicts and exposes you to a 3-dimentional and animated virtual reality related to the drilling rig, off-shore platforms, on-shore refinery, pipe-laying vessels……. and etc. Then the objects look alive and animated in a 3-dimentional format. The operating systems developed by Android and Apple, which are installed on the majority of smart phones and tablets, enable you to make  downloads from the Company’s Web Site or the special markets developed to this end on the Internet. What is more important is the fact that you can interact with these realities looking at them from different perspectives and angles to get closer or distant from them.
How was the augmented reality developed?
After the augmented reality technology was detected by the Manager of Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Petropars Group, a team comprising the experts from the Relations, technical, engineering and IT specialists was set up to discuss in the course of frequent meetings how the said technology may be applied in oil and gas industries. As there were available no literature or reports whatsoever on this subject, in the course of frequent meetings which were held to this end, different scenarios were reviewed and discussed and eventually the initial design of the intended software was developed and gradually completed. The process took some six months and eventually the Augmented Reality of Phase 12 of South Pars (the chain value of Petropars Group) was produced.


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How does it work?
The conventional mock-up models cost a lot and they are usually deployed and stationed in a certain place and people have to seek recourse to the venue of the model to watch it. However, the Augmented Reality of Phase 12 of South Pars has eliminated the restriction imposed on time and place and hence it is at the disposal of any person at any corner of the world. 
The Augmented Reality of Phase 12 of South Pars exhibits the details of exploration, extraction and exploitation of gas reservoirs and this way it plays an effective role in training and familiarizing children, students and the public with the process of production of gas at South Pars. Using this software, it looks as if the whole on-shore and off-shore refinery including all operations are minimized right before the eyes of the audience.
The fact that the Augmented Reality of Phase 12 of South Pars is interactive has made it very attractive and user-friendly. According to the time schedule set, the Augmented Reality of Phase 12 of South Pars was officially released simultaneous with the official inauguration of Phase 12 of South Pars.


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