Sep 20, 2019

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality


At Petropars we are particularly concerned with issues such as health, safety and environment and quality (HSEQ) throughout all our activities and projects. "Safety first" and "no harm to people no damage to equipment" are more than just company slogans for Petropars, they represent what we believe in. We are very proud that the HSEQ culture in Petropars has matured and is currently well-known and reputable in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries in Iran.

In order to further improve and proceed with HSEQ objectives, Petropars Has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with Quality Management System (QMS) and in conformity with OGP guidelines and ISO 9001: 2008 standards, and the Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSE-MS). IMS enables Petropars to better facilitate continuous improvement of HSEQ activities to provide sustainable protection against human, financial and environmental losses.
In addition, qualified HSEQ personnel are assigned to consult management on all aspects of Health, Safety, the Environment and Quality issues. This HSEQ team is responsible for developing and reviewing HSEQ procedures and monitoring contractor activities with periodical audits to ensure that all operations, including corporate activities and projects implement, follow and respect Health, Safety, Environment and Quality standards as well as applicable work instructions in their workplace.
Petropars stays informed and up-to-date on regulation changes, standards and procedures by communicating closely with legislation and standardization bodies.




Our IMS Policy


In line with our strategic approach to enhance competitive capabilities, continually improve services, achieve sustainable development and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, the following frameworks are to be pursued to achieve sustainable success:

  1. Winning confidence, increasing client’s satisfaction and meeting stakeholder expectations; through effective interaction and communication while observing relevant legal regulations.
  2. Continual quality enhancement of services; by utilizing new technologies, systematic selection of suppliers and partners, exchange of knowledge and developing mutual beneficial relationships.
  3. Continual improvement of activities, productivity and business processes; by encouraging culture of excellence and implementing updated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality procedures and management systems.
  4. Empowering human resources; by training, recruiting and retaining specialized experts, motivating and creating a culture of cooperation and commitment.
  5. Improving Safety, Health and Environmental performance indicators; through risk management, prevention of accidents and optimal use of natural resources, material and energy efficiently to provide our services.
  6. Identifies hazards in all activities and seeks to eradicates or control them. 
  7. Set targets for improvement and measures, appraises and report performance.
  8. Includes HSEQ performance in the appraisal of staff and rewards accordingly.
  9. Communicates openly with its stakeholders to ensure and understanding of our HSEQ policies, standards, programs and performance. 

Petropars employees are committed to understanding this IMS policy and performing their activities in conformity with IMS requirements, while actively providing appropriate solutions for its continual improvement. Managers and supervisors of each unit are to assist and ensure effective documentation and implementation of this policy. 

HSEQ Performance


The highlighted performance of HSEQ Unit in staff sphere during recent years are as  follows:

  • Pursuing the application of the IMS System as well as carrying out internal auditing within the staff sphere and the projects of the Company.
  • Analyzing the statistics extracted from HSEQ monthly reports related to company projects.
  • Supervising and implementing HSEQ Management requirements in all company projects.
  • Managerial member of “HSE Professional Association of Oil Industry Company”.
  • Carrying out periodical HSE inspections(level І, level ІІ, level ІІІ)
  • Leading and Managing for a complete study of Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and received official permission from Department Of Environment (D.O.E)   for all company projects.

Certificates, Standards & Awards Received


  • Obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 from the Swiss QS Company
  • Obtaining the HSE-MS Certificate from QS, based on the Oil & Gas International Producers (OGP) Society Guideline.
  • Obtaining the IMS Certificate from QS Company.
  • Possessing qualified IRCA registered Lead Auditors and Auditors certified by DNV.
  • Granted honor of being selected as superior company in “environmental aspect and green management development”.
  • Being certified by BUREA VERITAS (BV) in accordance with the requirements of the E&P Forum Guidelines for Development and Application of HSE Management System in “Oil & Gas Field Development (Exploration, Development & Production)”
  • Being certified by IQNet & DQS GmbH for the implementation and fulfillment of Quality Management System.
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